1. Hoodstar Red- Pain
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  2. Hoodstar Red- Pain (clean)
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Hoodstar Red



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Song Overview

In life “Pain” has a way of showing itself and the most unexpected ways. If you ask a person their definition of pain, they will probably tell you something you didn’t already think of yourself. What is consistent about pain is that it comes with negative thoughts, disappointment and struggle.
Hoodstar Red understands what pain can do to a person and coming out of Savannah, Ga he digs deep into his soul to give the world “Pain” as a single of his own. Hoodstar spits lyrics that are relatable to anyone struggling to survive. “Yesterday I was feeling like a star, Today I told my bitch i’m falling apart” are piercing lyrics that make you feel exactly the emotion he is. The beat alone is a road map to the type of vibe Hoodstar is coming with and delivers it flawlessly

Death, Jealousy, Envy, drugs, liquor are elements of pain that will take your mind to unexpected thoughts. In the middle of these thoughts Hoodstar Red finds a way to stay focus and remembers what is most important to him.

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