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Twinn U



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Song Overview

Contact info: email: redamatik@me.com
Phone: 3184809974

DJ Feedback

Mixtape = yes, same ole same ole to me...I will try to put it in my mix to see what reactions I get...

Ambush, Columbia/SC

This record is hard, start of strong and stays consistent thru out the track

TampaMystic, ATL

Tight but it needs some work. CD cut at best.

DJ Shotgunn, Tampa, Fl

I feel the meaning..we all tryin to gt this paper!! Hot track. I think the chorus can be a lil tweet n add a lil more substance

missep_ciara, Orlando

I feel the meaning..we all tryin to gt this paper!! Hot track

missep_ciara, Orlando

I like this track minus the chorus. I feel like you could've been more creative with it for it to fit your verses but other than that it's nice.

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis, TN/USA

Beat is nice...I like the record for the club

Dj Jus Swagg, Washington, DC, USA

A solid mixtape track... A little bland on the production. It didn't grab me at anypoint. But I will say dawg is spitting. I fucks with the hook, concept, and I do see potential in Twinn U the artist. Looking forward to hearing more.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama

A nice track. Def something I can see on a mixtape.

DJ Shalamar, The South/Fl/US

It's an okay record. It could possibly be a song that would be an outro on a mixtape

Evryting Criss, Durham NC

Mixtape track, great beat can't go wrong with getting paper!!

Kay Black, Jacksonville

Nice track. Good for mixtape placement


Get this Paper. Can't go wrong with the topic.

Bigg V, Europe

Good track. Good for mixtapes

Mollie Reddd

Hearing just two words over 6-7 times as basically the hook mixed with a lackluster vibe & just Kinda loses me & my attention & interest way b4 the song is over . Not a fan of this record

Dymnd Daily, Tampa


Chill will, Valdosta Ga

track is cool definitely can get mixtape support

dj winn, florida

Hot track. Nice vibe. Can see it on mixtapes.

MzOnPoint, Central Florida

Cool record, more of a mixtape track then a club record.

DJ Seizure, South Florida

Good street record, I can hear these on mixtapes. good visual will work too.

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa/Fl/USA

Hot club & mixtape track

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee


Dj Kenni Starr, France


Rollxxx, Alexandria/New Orleans, LA US

I like it

DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

like dis..can I get a Clean one.

dj barry, Fayetteville NC