1. Truth Why feat. GoldMouth - Race Car EXPLICIT
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  2. Truth Why feat. GoldMouth - Race Car RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon

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Truth Why feat. Gold Mouth

Race Car


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Song Overview

Representing Lawrence, Massachusetts. Residing in Virginia. I’m 23 years old and found my passion for music by reaching back to my roots, using music as my platform to speak. I speak for the culture, to give people a street mentality but from a conscious aspect bringing people from the dark to light. Race Car is a palindrome which means it’s the same word backwards and forwards. My verse in “Race Car” explains in life people could do and be anything they want as long as they apply their mind. If people want to be in the streets with an “Ar-15” be the best at it, with that same passion that people could do with an “AR-15” they could be doing with a guitar. Race cars whine when you step on the gas, guitars sing when you strum them, Ar-15s whine when you pull the trigger. I chose a different way than the way I grew up around, discovering myself. We are trapped where they say it’s the land of the free but it’s not.

DJ Feedback

Nice, I no longer have a music show but I know a new startup podcast station that is taken submissions if you want to contact them for details or how to submit music email them at smp@execs.com. Wish you much success and keep the killer track coming def going to follow on ig.

Blk Rum, Lynwood, CA USA

aaaeeeyyyy yo... I'm feeling this track. We will add this rotation... Send Drops W3RadioTv

Wen Did It, TX


Jammin Tee, Waynesboro

Good track! Nice to hear lyrics that have meaning and not just gibberish. Truth Why? I like the name. Keep up the good work!

DJ Cool CH, Delray Beach/FL

Definitely digging it. Will start spinning ASAP

Moose Harris, Lafayette, La *Syndicated Internationally*

this is dope!! send drops

DJ E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, MN

I Like It

Derrick Stoutamire, Upper Marlboro


Dj Ron Smooth, LaPlata, MD USA


Dj Kenni Starr, France

Nice track with good vibes.

DJ Imperial (The Mix Queen), PG County, MD USA

Good club track!

dj Gary C, Danvers, Boston

dope on tip!

Dj Dredz, detroit