1. LacMan Rubberbands & Dufflebags
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. LacMan Rubberbands & Dufflebags (Radio)
    Album: Coming Soon!

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Rubberbands & Dufflebags


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Song Overview

Basically I had been grinding all week then I got a phone call from my granny saying something showed up unexpectedly and i moved around a lil bit ended with a lot of extra cash.

DJ Feedback

almost 30 seconds before the rack comes in, intro to the track needs work. Nothing original about this. it would do well on mixtapes.

kingpin, atlanta

Not a hit but it catchy and good mixtape song

IPodDaDj, Mississippi

Not a hit but it catchy and good mixtape song

IPodDaDj, Mississippi

Catchy song i dig it

Miss Ep Ciara, Orlando

Dope track. Good quality. Something ppl can vibe with.

MzOnPointPromo, Ocala, FL USA

Cool joint. I like the flow and production for sure. Mixtape worthy.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama

Good flow and lyrics didn't really pop to my

Kay Black, Jacksonville

good song i think its something to build buzz and feed the streets


Cool record. Something for mixtapes and the streets.

DJ Seizure, South Florida

Nice record, the streets will rock w/ it

TampaMystic, Atlanta

Feeling the vibe. Good production. Hot track


good record already been on two of my MIXTAPES Def rocking still rocking wit it keep pushing it

chill will, Valdosta Ga

Don't stop pushing it. Get with the DJs and Get Busy

BiggV, USA/Europe

I'm definitely supporting it

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

I like the record, has my support. I'm dropping it on my next mixtape.

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa