Album: Same Love (Single)
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DJ Feedback

Excellent production

DJ LERBECK, Sacramento, CA. USA

good stuff

DJ Deedzy, dallas, TX USA


DJ P.A.T., Memphis, TN USA

i'm feeling it

Dj twhite, Romulus, MI USA


carl phillips, DALLAS

Love the vibes. Grown and sexy.

QueFourFive, Atlanta

So smooth, chill....Hot

DJ Rolo813, Tampa, FL USA

I'm Loving This Vibes, I Can See Myself Playing This On My Show On SynodicSounds Every Thursdays & Saturdays 10 PM Till 12 AM UK 5-7 PM EST And If Possible Can I Get A Drop It Would Be Appreciated Saying 1) Your Name 2) Location 3) Bigging Up JSharkz, Music Non Stop, UK Defence League & SynodicSounds As 1 Jingle.. Thank You Follow On Instagram @JSharkz1

JSharkz, London


a train, baton rouge


Dj Pat, Jackson, TN USA


djbillblast, Stamford ct usa


DJ VELORE, brandon, fl usa

That real soul food music for the soul.

DJ F, Baltimore

groovy. im putting this song in rotation on dajamzradio.com . send us a drop

Macksippi, Greenville, MS USA

Can't go wrong with Ledisi!

The Neosolbrudda, FORT WORTH

almost spiritual! excellent

RawnLNZ, Dallas, TX USA

Deffo Gonna Drop This On MusicNonStopShow DJ & Host JSharkz On SynodicSound.live Saturday 10 PM Till 12 AM UK 5-7 PM EST

JSharkz, London


Dj Loel, Seaboard


Dj Dubb, El Paso, TX USA

Very nice sound so so smooth keep the fire coming

Dj Dj Tone, Baltimore, MD USA

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Quiet Money Radio, Starkville Ms

Soulful Grown Folks Music!!!

DJ Cool Ice Water, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl

Jam Great Groove!

BJ Dat DJ, Waco, TX USA

keep that real music coming!

DJ Blessed1, San Antonio, TX USA

Nice jam!!

DJ T.G., Jacksonville,Fl USA

what can i say? this is gorgeous! no brainer!

denco, birmingham

Simply love her!

DJ1LUV, Memphis, TN USA

soulful i def feeling this track