1. G Herbo ft Jacquees - SHOOTER EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. G Herbo ft Jacquees - SHOOTER RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon!

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G Herbo feat. Jacquees



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Song Overview

Machine Ent. Group presents the new single by G. Herbo featuring Jacquees titled "SHOOTER".

DJ Feedback


Dallas Rukus, Dallas


DJ P.A.T., Memphis, TN USA

this a vibe right here

DJ KOKN, Grand Rapids, MI USA

This hit hard

SB, Dallas, TX

Smooth joint.

D.J. Slickk, Atlanta,Ga.

Not bad ....

Mr.5th The DJ, Tampa/St.Petersburg, FL U.S.

That Bracl

Dj Zack, Daytona Beach Fl


blazinhot DJ Q, Dallas, TX USA