1. GuallaMannSlim - Soooped Up EXPLICIT
    Album: Welcome To GuallaWorld vol. 1
  2. GuallaMannSlim - Soooped Up RADIO
    Album: Welcome To GuallaWorld vol. 1

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DJ Feedback

ok track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

Laid back

AllManKind, Calgary, AB Canada

#BANGER I like this. Send me a drop and I will include this on my show. I'm on FOUR stations and all of my "re-podcasts" are on iheartradio, Spotify, & ITunes. Great way to reach out to a new fanbase etc ya dig

DJ MINGO, Atlanta, GA, USA, GA United States

Catch the wave vibe different cool...

DJ Dredz, detroit


dj mac e, anguilla


Dj J Swift The Mix OG, Middletown, DE USA

gonna spin asap

DJ E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, MN

This one grew on us real quick. Instant Rotation! Nice work.

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX USA