1. MoneyReallyCounts presents - 'Street Money On Deck' Lil Scooty ft. Finese2xs & Isotol
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. Lil Scooty ft. Finese 2Tymes & Isotol - Street Money On Deck (Clean Version)
    Album: Coming Soon
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Lil Scooty feat. Finese2Tymes x Isotol

Street Money On Deck


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Song Overview

DJ Feedback

i like it


Club record I’d run it 🔥🔥

DJ Stretch, Indianapolis, IN, USA

With another beat it might be a decent song. Good mixtape filler.

DJ Shotgunn, Tampa, FL USA

decent early club and radio song. Mixtape filler. Beat is decent

Enferno, Minneapolis, MN

Dope and catchy hook... intro is too long... good beat I can see it on mixtapes

Kay Black, Jacksonville Fl

Cool record, something for mixtapes.

DJ Seizure, South Florida (Tri-County), FL United States

Good versus and production . Just shorten the intros for DJS fam and it's a GO!

Dj space age, Memphis

Can hear the hook bein chanted in the club ...i like

Ms Echia, KY/TN

Definitely something for mixtape

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

Drop an 8 bar intro for the djs ! Good mixtape & mixshow track #runit

Dj PrymeTime Ga/Tn, Ga / Tn

Def can hear this on one of my mixtapes love the flow & delivery and the production is on point as well

Chill Will, Valdosta Ga

Dope music to ride to. Possibly dope for the clubs. Strong campaign suggested. Catchy hook. Clean beat. Dope features also.

Tony Davis, Alabama

great club record def going to give it a spin finese 2 tymes went hard on this

dj lil nick, middle ga / south ga

Good record, something for mixtapes and possibly club play.

TampaMystic, Atlanta

Solid track, takes a little long to crank up but when it does it slaps...

Kingpin, atlanta

on deck all I can say

Wheres G Lee Da DJ, Dallas, TX USA

This joint is hard

Katdaddy Marshall, Winston-Salem, NC USA

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us