1. Nino Blaccamoor - Swear 2x's (prod.Taz Taylor)
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. Nino Blaccamoor- Swea 2x's (clean ve
    Album: Coming Soon

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Nino Blaccamoor

Swea 2x's


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Song Overview

Nino Blaccamoor, a Ga native who uses music as an escape & turns the crime & poverty that surrounds him into inspiration to rise above the struggles of his environment bookingknottyheadnation@gmail

DJ Feedback



Cool record, just needs to be mixed better. Vocals are too loud compared to the beat.

DJ Seizure, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, FL

Definitely a different kind of track. Thought it was a "mumble" rap song but I like your intro. You were a lil louder than your track itself but it has potential as an intro record to bring you out.

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis, TN/USA

dope track for a mixtape definitely would like to see the visual . Country rap tunes ya dig

dj pryme time, Ga/tn

Tight work. Track straight. Right on track with everything else. The hook is real solid. I like it. I'll try it out. I swear I swear...

DJ Shotgunn, Tampa, FL, USA

I like this.That la la la is a lil different, but gives it some flavor.

DJ Shalamar, Central Florida/Fl/US

Vocals are a TAD bit too loud, but overall the track is dope. Smooth beat dope hook, lyrics on point.

DJ D.Souff, South Carolina

Good track. Can Rock this in the club or on Mixtapes


Like the flow on this one...Will work in the club, radio and mixtapes.

TampaMystic, ATL

Song is cool. I like the beat. A great starter record. Can be made a hit. Just gotta push hard.

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

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this joint is banging

raydio, shreveport

this joint is bangin

raydio, shreveport