1. Mac Keylow & Mac Keshone - Twin Goats (Explicit)
    Album: Clutch Da Mixtape
  2. Mac Keylow & Mac Keshone - Twin Goats (Radio)
    Album: Clutch Da Mixtape

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Mac Keylow and Mac Keshone

Twin Goats


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Song Overview

This song was created by two blood brothers who been through the struggle together. From being poor and not having anything to eat at times but corn out a can and beans. We came together to create this project as brothers to make our mother proud who passed 8 years ago. We came from a small town of Drew, Ms we never wore expensive clothings. All we had was hand me downs from others. We also gone have eachother back till the end of the world as we were taught to stick together. This song has heart behind it (Twin Goats)

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DJ12PLAY, Chesapeake, VA USA

Adding to my playlist!!!

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Track is lit. Dope energy.

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