1. Jessie Woo - Vacation EXPLICIT
    Album: Moods Of A Cancer
  2. Jessie Woo - Vacation Radio Carib Mix
    Album: Moods Of A Cancer
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DJ Feedback

Good vibes, we added it to the station!

Ms Dynasty, Toronto, CA


Audwin Brisard, Owings Mills

hot track

Dj Jam'on, Dallas, TX United States


MR357, Brooklyn

very good song!

AerotheDJ, Daytona Beach, FL, USA

Nice Vocals can go long way.

Ras Diplo, London

Smoking!!!! Nice vocals.

big daddie THE DJ, DFW, TX USA

Hottt!!! Love This!

DJ Imperial (The Mix Queen), Landover, MD USA

i need a damn vacation...loving this track

DJ Memphis904, Jacksonville, FL USA

This is a banger!!

DJ Actwild 1, Vista, CA USA

Hot Joint Need Drops And An Interview (WHen I'm In Harlem I'm Chilling With DJ BIG STEW ON BEEF STEW RADIO)


Thats whats up!! I did a double take when I seen this. Never knew Jessie Woo was also an artist too. This is a definite spin!! If any of Jessie's people is watching this, I definitely need a drop from her as well. Sak pasé?

DJ Randy G, Atlanta / GA / USA

Hot Track!

Turntable Genius, M-Town, Mississippi.


djbillblast, CT

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

It's decent. It could go far. The instrumental is almost there.... The vocals are perfect. I'll wurk' it!

DJ Seko Varner, Virginia Beach, VA USA

Smooth...Will spin early!!!

dj Cool Ice Water, Ft. Walton Beach