1. Trey Davidson - Work (Explicit)
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Trey Davidson



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Song Overview

Treyy Davidson born out of the Mid-West US has yet to reach his peak. This 23 year old mastermind has set his mind to the music game for the last 8 years. Raised in St. Louis, Mo.

DJ Feedback

website and radio version

daniel romero, 666555

Hood clubs gonna luv this one .. send drops

DJ E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, MN

Hot record for the club

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

Great energy on this track. I can definitely hear this in rotation in some booty clubs & clubs. Twerk music is common but this one is unique. i will definitely try this in my market.


Love the record. make the step clubs go bananas !!!!

Kay Black, Jacksonville

The strip clubs would love this! Good production...Would like to hear more punchlines but overall good record!

Dj Jus Swagg, Washington, DC, USA

The record will do well in Tampa for sure. It's a shoe-in for hood clubs & strip clubs! But about this video.... Why am I seeing 3 different qualities of footage? Horrible mix match shots

Dymnd Daily, Tampa

Great Track, like the tempo. Should do great at clubs. If interested in an Atlanta Market visit pls contact me.

kingpin, riverdale

Good song! Dope! Right along with all the other songs out right now. You can definitely get some spins on this in the strip club & all that. But nothing stands out. Use this to build your buzz & then blast out your next hit after bout 2&1/2 to 3 months.

DJ Shotgunn, Tampa Fl

Nice will do great in the CLubs

Bigg V, Europe/ USA

Im fuckin w the track...i can see it being played in the clubs n on mixtapes

Miss Ep Ciara, Orlando

Street and club record! I'm rocking with it

Dj Jus Swagg, Washington, DC, USA

Dope beat not really feeling the lyrics

Dj Cube, ATL

Dope record, already got this record on my latest mixtape, No County Lines vol.14. Definitely something i can push in my strip club as well.

DJ Seizure, South Florida (Tri-County), FL United States

Dope song. Strip club ready for sure. Production crazy. Tempo easy to mix. I'd advice a powerful campaign.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama

good record mixtape record

da king djej, cordele ga

The beat is on point. I like the track. Its something I can see on a mixtape.

DJ Shalamar, The South/Fl/US

I like, strip club banger. Nice visual. The hook strong.

dj headbussa, tampa

Club record, especially good for a strip club. Hit record

Kay Black, Jacksonville, Fla

run this thru the clubs

Tall Reek, Baltimore


DJ winn, FLa

Definitely A Club Record


this go'n work in the clubs fasho ... HOOK IS PERFECT for the females in the club ....

Dj Dacick 1, Killeen, TX USA

This record hard...def will work in the strip clubs and various markets

TampaMystic, ATL

The video actually hurts the song more than helps it. I would look towards strip clubs mainly to work this record in.

Dymnd Daily, Tampa

Great feel. I like the track. would like to see an ATLANTA run. contact me to help set it up.

KINGPIN, atlanta

Oh yea dats fye. Im spinning it this fri

DjKj, Shreveport, La

My dity gonna luv this!!

DJ E-MONSTA, Minneapolis/Minnesota USA

good for blucbs

dj butta, kentucky



hot track, need to hit harder send drop

djrandy, dothan ala

Ass Shaker lol

deejayteeroc, Gainesville,Fl

nice one

Mc sermon, Dusseldorf (Ger) / Brux-City (Be)



club shiz

djprops, dallas tx

I can see it doing something in the strip clubs and during some dj sets in dance friendly clubs. Not sure if it can crossover, but in hiphop clubs, I can def see it happen.

Breezy Says, International

Banger club hit

dj killher kev, detroit mI usa

Good twerk record

DJ Enferno, Minneapolis

Dope vibe. I like the angle. I do see it working in the clubs and especially strip clubs. Social networks should eat this up. Looking forward to hearing more.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama

Hot track will work well in the club


Good track for clubs and mixtape a


Good track

Molliereddd, SC

Dope record got that vibe for the stripclubs. Definitely something i could fit into my rotation

DJ Seizure, lauderhill, FL United States

You got a strip club anthem. I like it. Link up so we can talk mixtape placement

DJ Shalamar, The South/Fl/US

work work work iamdjchillwill@gmail.com

Chill will, Valdosta ha

mixtape or club just got to be tested

winn, florida

Good club record...good tone

Dj Jus Swagg, Washington, DC, USA

Work! Go to Work! Play that!

Bigg V, Europe

Will spin...thanks for the track...if you do a remix change the backtrack to something 128 tempo...lyrics off the chain good

DJ MacNite, arlington/usa/tx


DJ 12play, Chesapeake, VA USA

they gone get it n

Sir jam, NOLA

Kinda catchy, definitely a club banger

Bamm Bamm Da Dj, Richmond, VA USA


808djrx, Honolulu / Hawaii / U.S.A.

that shit hot i def can spin this in the club

superdjlilnick, valdosta ga waycross

Solid track, great for mixtapes. would consider a club run, get some product and work some of the venues where the djs are testing the record see if you can build a demand where they request it....

kingpin, riverdale

Get this to some strip club djs I believe theyd go crazy on this #Work

DJ Evryting Criss, Durham,NC


Dj Kenni Starr, France

I like it, its definitely a strip club song. The beat banging and the hook strong. A turnt up video would give it more life.

dj headbussa, Tampa/Fl/USA