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Originally from the Bronx, NY, I started spinning in 1977. I am also a pioneer of Hip Hop music as I was a member of the Soul Sonic Force/Zulu Nation, and a founding member of the Jazzy 5mc's/Jazzy Sensation on Tommy boy Records, released in 81. I been spinning in the Ft. Walton Beach - Pensacola are for 35 yrs. I spin most genre's of music but specializing in Classic Hip Hop/R&B/Soul/Smooth Jazz/Reggae, etc...


  1. Get Funk
    Artist/Group Name: Rashawn Stallworth
  1. Invitation Only
    Artist/Group Name: Kuh_lee_uh
  1. T'Challa Forever
    Artist/Group Name: STRANGERS of Elevated Underground & Twisted Perception

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