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im a professional DJ in the memphis area looking for new music to save into my files/harddrive. i'm very excited about using this website. plenty of DJ have recommended using it. i've been djing for 9 years and i extremely love what i do. music is my life and i really don't see me doing anything else. i DJ anywhere, at anytime. i DJ ALL and Any event. you name it i have done it. the experience of Djing is like no other. the adrenaline is crazy , i love the experience.. i am a 41 year old out of the south that loves his craft. i was born and raised in memphis, tennessee. and i know you've heard time and time again that this city is the heart of the blues. and thats for SURE. it's a city of soul, rhythm and blues. it's in my blood to be into music. i even was in the church choir as a kid. and also played instruments as well. so i knew for sure music was going to be my LIFE. it wasn't a way around it.



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