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DJ DLow Degrees is originally from Jackson, Mississippi where so many underground artists are from and is currently thriving as he makes presence known. His grind and motivation stems from wanting to help underground artists become major artists!! DJ DLow Degrees has been in the industry for approximately twelve years and his goal is to be known as one of the legendary icons that have set a foot print in the sand for others as well as reaching the highest level of greatness. Becoming a DJ started out as an idea until DLow Degrees started making beats and was encouraged one day from one of his homeboys to move forward in the music industry because of the passion he has for music. After buying his own equipment and taking gigs, he learned quickly how to move a crowd with his djing skills and eventually become known as a party DJ in Jackson, MS. Since then, DJ DLow Degrees has spent many years playing at major night clubs, artist showcases, college events, and major executive events.