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About Piper  Known professionally as DJ Piper, also known as just 'Piper', started his radio career in 2000 with Roots Fm Community radio station in Northwest London working Saturday playing the music I was born into Soca . Whiles working as a local wedding, corporate events DJ and on the West London club circuit. The purpose of this show is to reach the individuals who don’t always listen to Soca music or may already have a preconceived idea of what this genre of music entails. The show ‘Soca Is We’ guarantees to ‘break the barriers’.  My objective is to allow local and everyday soca or none Soca lovers a chance to tap into a pool of soca Calypso music styles , Piper insists he have an unrelenting work ethic, "I don't see what I do as a 'job', it is something I live - being able to deliver the best music to my audiences and clients."



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