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Started mixing on two stereos and emceeing in my early teens. Enjoyed school variety shows. Mobile DJed when I had my cdj console and speakers. Learnt to mix pitch control and got onto fm. Moved from Botswana to Malta and got into nightclub promotion, mixing my old collection of CDs. Now I'm waiting in Portugal to get my money right and invest in submissions online. I'm an A&R for RecordUnion, a we designer so I affiliate to Apple and Amazon. I try to get the folders right almost everyday and prepare to perform as I did eighteen years ago. I want to mash up and scratch. I use a controller now but still need a good enough laptop to go on road. I have been domaining for some producers but haven't turned into a tax paying business or even really make a turnover yet. I got in stage to perform beatbox and rap once I got frustrated with not finding my voice in the mixer. Now I want to get the crowd opportunity back. Broke but hopeful. Gotta write a plan.



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