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Anytime is “PrimeTime” when you have Blv on the 1s and 2s. Hailing from the south side of Chicago this Gemini was exposed to all genres of music. Inspired by Jam Master Jay and Chitown legends DJ Pharris and DJ Nehpets, Blv has been mixing it up and rocking the crowd since the early days of mixtapes and house parties. He has since rocked frat houses and spun out night clubs from Chitown to the O-Town with the ability of mixing genres together in such a way that will please any and every crowd that has the pleasure of being in his presence. Whether its PrimeTime Blu getting turnt up and shutting down the club or his alter ego “Blv Heff” slowing it down and getting sexy, you’ll find out Blv is the perfect shade for you.



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