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Music is my escape, my therapy, my passion, and my job. An alto saxophone player by the 5th grade and ending my high school marching band days with the tenor sax, I knew music was a part of who I am at a young age. I grew up listening to country, rock, and oldies, but I always had a huge love for hip-hop. A Probeat DJ that started as a mobile DJ in 2012, I've done corporate events, reunions, birthdays, weddings, backyard parties, karaoke, and more. My broad spectrum of musical influence was all infused to create something that grabs the attention of any audience I play for. My track selection is based on crowd vibes intertwined with personal lyrical therapy that piques interest from all in attendance. My favoritism toward brooding baselines is undeniable, but to me it's about mood and what moves (your feet or your soul) regardless of genre, tempo, or style. I live to restore music in all that has been reduced to noise. Music was my first love.



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