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Well it has been asked many times Who is DJ SEE WHY? This is more than a tour DJ and Group DJ and Producer… From Record Release parties to NBA All Star parties flat out this guy is the DUDE.. DJ SEE WHY? is multi-faceted personality with over 25 years of radio, television and event hosting experience DJ SEE Why? is not your typical DJ, but in using an open format, he captivates big club floors, like he does with the same intensity that he rocks a more refined dance space. There isn’t a party that DJ SEE Why? can’t rock, from night-clubs, lounges, weddings, corporate functions, tour support, fashion shows, festivals, holiday par-ties, happy hours, in-store events, and pride fests, he’s done them all. DJ SEE WHY? is not only a man who appreciates many musical styles, he went above and beyond, creating one for himself, one that has become synonymous with his name. DJ SEE WHY? is keen on reading a crowd and knows how to bring the vibes.



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