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Seko Varner, also known as Grandpa Crunk, is a professional DJ and music producer, among other things...... Download the episodes here: http://mixcloud-rss.georgipavlov.com/PositiveVibesDJs/99 "Grandpa Crunk" is Seko "DJ Seko" Varner's production alter-ego and producer-name (http://www.grandpacrunk.bandcamp.com). Seko also releases music under the monikers 'Seko's Sound System". DJ Seko can be reached by calling 757-932-0177 or on http://www.HappilyEverAfter.be . As Grandpa Crunk Seko has released numerous songs which are available on I-Tunes, Amazon.com, CDBaby, and other online outlets. His videos are on YouTube by searching Google/YouTube for "Grandpa Crunk" or "Seko's Sound System".



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