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Been djing on and off since the 70's; house parties, barracks parties while in the army, and small hole in the wall clubs. Nothing major. Was given the name "Walt Baby Love" by my peers. When I became more serious about djing, i kept the name, but changed the spelling of it to "WhaltBabieLuv" to differentiate from the radio personality host "Walt Baby Love". Do not want people thinking I'm him which I do get asked that from time to time. I'm not a active dj anymore due to medical issues; however, I do on occasions spin at family events and so on. I have a large following on YouTube, a few on Mixcloud, and a few on my podcast show. I guess you can call my a internet dj now. Have been interviewed by Exxpose magazine for reaching millions with my YouTube mixes. Mixes have been played on several internet radio stations and a couple of FM stations.



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