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DJ Blayze is a professional radio, concert, touring and club DJ. He started his career in radio at WDLT-FM in Mobile, Alabama and learned a wealth of knowledge working at WVEE-FM in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, his turntables, decks and mic have traveled from the East Coast to Central Texas. He has rocked clubs from country western to hip hop, mixed at private celebrity parties from coast to coast and played at various Gentleman's clubs. He also writes and engineers studio projects. From time to time catch DJ Blazye doing what he enjoys, delivering grooves from East to West from house party to nightclub. He has earned nominations and accolades for best DJ time and time again since 1990. His passion is for community and entrepreneurship. Burn Residency 2015 Superstar DJ Candidate & 2015 Lagniappe "Nappie" Award Finalist



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