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From Mandeville,Manchester,Jamaica W.I i grew up playing belt drive turntables without pitch and had to spin the record to mix beats or blend them in.i learned to play music from my father who owned a club with a heavy duty sound system.I evolved to cd decks to computers programs such as Virtual Dj then settled with Serato Dj.Jamaicans are known for having sound system clash by djs competeing by playing music against each other which birth dubplates .Dubplates are custom songs by music artist for a price $.I am a diverse dj who listens to all genre of music.My favorite gigs are weddings.I use to dj in the clubs heavy when i was younger ,sleepless nights i can remember lol.I cut back on djing over the years but still have some juice left.hopefully i will get more movtivation from this platform and meet more dj this too.



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