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Heyward Gifford, known as the infamous DJ NoGood, was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1972. After listening to his mother and father, whom were both DJs, it was only natural that he picked up an alert mind for music and the path they laid in front of him. A natural calling and destiny written in the scores of soulful hits alike, DJ NoGood started by simply carrying crates for his uncle. Enamored with the lifestyle, NoGood was thrilled for his first opportunity to DJ at a block party at the influential age of 13. History was made that day; and NoGood was sure this would be his calling; scratching out master mixes and embodying the atmosphere every diverse event needs and is delivered by the man at the turn tables. Like any desire, the best ones always seemed to be the hardest to attain; and NoGood moved to New Jersey shortly after high school to pursue a degree in culinary arts, all while keeping the symphonies of hit mixing and crowd pleasing jams so close to his heart.



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