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JSharkz Is Up And Coming DJ From South London 2009/2010 It was the beginning of the djing mission, where I started out making remixes, and promoting them via Myspace, Facebook Twitter, My First Major Move Started When (Tap Tap DJ) Heard One Of My Remixes On Myspace And Then Added It To Her Mixtape. 2010/2011 I started to go to the open mic, and showcase, where I networked, I sometimes I was a Hype Man For Other artists The Like Of (Glitz Artists AKA Frankin Freshman) Arctic Force, & Rome I also started to DJ for some showcases, and even was working for a bit for the (paper chasers), which was an underground Rap Crew 2012 -2014 I Was asked to join a brand new Movement, called (Music Non-Stop) Where We Were On Radio For Two Years On RippedRadioNetwork. Also Later Down The Two Years I Started A CD Collection Called Hot Diamonds We were Done Three Volumes. Currently I'M DJing On SynodicSounds.live Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays & Saturdays



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