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Over 35 years experience as a mobile, club, radio, remix, mixtape and industry DJ. Appeared on hometown competing radio stations Z-100FM and Majic 108FM at the same time during the late 80s ... don't ask LoL. Remix DJ / scratch dj for the now defunct Metromix DJ remix service. DJ for Sylk Smoov - STL's first rap act signed to a major label (also featured on BWGR as a vocalist - song was actually intended for Bo$$). Toured with Breed, Spice 1, Pooh Man, 2 Short and more. STL's first mix tape deejay!!!! Co-produced Da SLU Cru (culminating with Big Will on 106th & Park) and others. Former overseer of the Hittbreaka DJs mixshow division. ***I've become a reliable vessel for indie artists, as well as a tutor for both regular and remix deejays***.



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