1. Kronic Yung Fresh - Suh Sis (Dirty)
    Album: Audio Diary 2 Coming Soon
  2. Kronic Yung Fresh - Suh Sis (Radio)
    Album: Audio Diary 2 Coming Soon

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Kronic Yung Fresh

“Suh” Sis


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Song Overview

Start 2 Finish Music Group releases new single “Suh” from artist Kronic Yung Fresh. Single is the 1st release from upcoming mixtape “Audio Diary 2.” Official video is underway. Stay tuned for more from hitmaker Kronic Yung Fresh.

DJ Feedback




Jammin Tee, Waynesboro

Hot track!!

DJ Kapone, Bloomington, IL USA

Another solid record. Goes along with everything that’s viral and trending. Catchy. Dope beat. Club ready, radio ready, a big plus on mixtapes. Will be adding this to my next tape.

Tony Davis The DJ, Dothan, AL, USA

love it! super dope track very current & versatile

Echia F Bae (Ms Echia), KY/TN

Definitely a club record

djhypemancrunk, Gates Tn USA

hard af!!

DJ LEMONHEAD, Colorado Springs, CO United States


Dj Kenni Starr, France

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

nice sounds

Wheres G Lee Da DJ, Dallas, TX USA

I have a Radio show that is on two radio stations and the re-podcasts are on iheartradio. Send Me a drop and i will get this on it.


good sounds

jon maby, coventry uk


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

I like the sound and flow. If You can send out a drop for the city of philly.. Thanks Yo!!!!

Dj Moe B., Philadelphia