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Whole Lotta Flex


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Song Overview

Underground King Florida born and raised artist Lambo Numbas is the youngest of four kids from a single parent household. He offers the music game a unique flow and mentality that came from poverty but also good times. Numbas made his way out of the slums to become a mademan. With catchy hooks and real life lyrics, Lambo Numbas is here to put a lifelong stamp on the music game.

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DJ P.A.T., Memphis, TN USA

Lotta Flex

DJ Passion, Dallas, TX USA


Dj Hydish, Monroe, NC USA


DJ 12play, Chesapeake, VA USA


DJ BillBlast aka Billy The Kid, Stamford, CT U.S.A.

Good vibe...

Dj Dredz, Detroit


dj chuck/mr. vinegar, Dayton, OH, USA

Dope Production! Mixshow ready.

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX USA